Privacy Policy


1. General provisions

AMP Media sp. z o. o., having its seat and registered at Poland, ul. Daszynskiego 239/4, 44-100 Gliwice, operates within the range of new media providing services and functionalities enabling integration of the web issuers and advertisers, increasing generated income and facilitating access to potential user groups. AMP Media respects the privacy rights of all web users. The Company’s main task is to secure the users’ safety. This document has been created for the purpose of providing the users with information on procedures concerning the Web users data collection, processing and sharing.


2. Personal data

We collect and use your data solely within the range of services and functionalities made available by AMP Media executed within the meaning of law by AMP Media, having its seat and registered at Poland Poland, ul. Daszynskiego 239/4, 44-100 Gliwice, for the purpose of executing orders, advertising and marketing communication, ad serving, displaying web pages as well as information activities performed among users and customers. Personal data are obtained directly from the Web users and companies cooperating with us ( ex. Google and Facebook), hereinafter referred to as partners.

The acquired data including anonymous data, aliases, personal and demographic data shall be/are stored and processed in a coded form in compliance with applicable law requirements, using guidelines included in this document as well as privacy policies of our partners available on a web page Data protection is of the utmost importance to us. We take care of administrative, technical and physical securities aiming at data protection against unauthorized disclosure, use, change and destruction. We are making every effort to create suitable securities control procedures for the purpose of protecting acquired data against any foreseeable risk.

We do not transfer, sell, lend collected data to other persons or institutions, excluding partners cooperating with us, unless otherwise required by the court, prosecution, police or other authorized body. Any user’ s data can be processed for a period not longer than required in order to provide him with a newsletter or commercial information, or by the time of the user’s request to stop its data processing. The user shall be entitled to have access to, modify them or require its data removal. We shall be entitled to reject requests which: are unreasonably repeated or occur systematically, require disproportionate technical workload, threatens other persons, are extremely impractical, or if information must be preserved under the law or for justified business purposes.


3. Cookies

We use cookies for the website traffic analysis. We can also use them to monitor the internet users traffic between cooperating internet services and website ads. The function of the internet user’s browser is to store cookies files. Each user can single-handedly configurate its browser in such a way as to switch off completely the possibility of storing cookies files on the hard drive of the user’s device. Such change can make the use of some web pages impossible which AMP Media, having its seat and registered at United States, Palo Alto, CA 94303 at 2479 East Bayshore Rd, Suite 205, is not liable for.

Browsers settings can be different but despite of the browser’s type the Cookies files switch-off- scheme constitutes in restoring its defaults settings. This can be done by applying the following steps:

  • Close all open browser windows and restart it.
  • Restore all default settings (in browser’s options) and close the browser.
  • Reopen the browser.

The user can change its settings relating to the cookies files using the website: It offers the users the possibility to manage their preferences with regard to the behaviorally targeted impressions. Google and Facebook are companies cooperating with AMP Media, which the user can activate/deactivate in its settings.


4. References to other web pages

Web pages of AMP Media, partners can contain links to other web pages or websites not administered by AMP Media The user using links provided on the partners web pages shall study the privacy and data protection rules applicable on other web pages. AMP Media shall not be responsible for the content and cookies files related to the web pages to which links are provided on its webpages or its partners web pages.


5. Amendments to Privacy Policy

AMP Media shall be authorized to make amendments to the wording of the Privacy Policy at any time. A new version of this document shall be announced to the users by providing its content on the AMP Media’s web page (


6. Term

This Privacy Policy comes into force on 16.01.2017.